Let's Meet

I'm Mary, an expert at decluttering and functional organization


Unlike most organizers I am NOT naturally organized,  I needed to learn the skills to be organized and so can you. My bedroom was not Pinterest perfect and neither was my house.  As I moved through life I realized I needed to learn how to get and stay organized.  I still face situations of clutter and chaos in my own home.  I think this gives me a unique perspective.  I undertand what it is like to look at a room and not know where to start, or be amazed at how quickly things got out of control.  I have been there.  So I am here to help.  

Asking for help is sometimes hard. Most of us use a professional to cut our hair or give us a manicure because they have a specific skill set.  The same holds true for decluttering and organizing.   I can help you sort through your items, identify the most practical and personal storage solutions for your home, make your space functional and comfortable and teach you the steps to keep it that way.  

Give yourself a gift that will last .....