We have become a nation of homeschoolers.

Overnight we have become a nation of homeschoolers and personally I'm not sure I'm up for the task. But in the spirit of "can do" and can-be organized I will offer up a few hints for keeping school items organized and ready to be used.

1. Keep each subject in a separate basket. Use whatever basket, bin or bag you have handy and put all the relevant materials in there. This should include any tools, worksheets, books etc. This way when it is time to start language arts just whip out the basket and get started. The faster we start the faster we get done.

2. Keep all the pens, pencils crayons, in one carry basket. Dollar Tree makes these great 3 item holders that are perfect to hold all your little ones creative tools. It can move easily from space to space and also makes for easy clean up.

3.Use a shoe bag to corral all school supplies, art supplies etc in one place. Hang it on the front of the door of whatever room your are teaching in and Voila! instant supplies ready to be used.

4. Create a daily routine. I know that sounds silly but it will be a lifesaver in the long run. My friend Nicole over at www.theroutinist.com has a wonderful and free workshop about creating routines during this pandemic. Check her out.

4. Use your local library on-line resources. Even if you don't have a library card most libraries will issue you an in-line card instantly. These libraries have amazing resources for video, on-line books, teaching materials etc.

5. The same goes for Youtube, Curiosity Stream and Nat Geo.... they are have amazing videos for on-line learning and homeschooling. Don't reinvent the wheel when you can use what is already there.

6. Learning takes many forms, cooking together involves science and math and reading, walking the dog is PE, reading a good book out-loud as a family is fun and informational. Playing board games such asYahtzee, chess, checkers, Monopoly and Risk that involve numbers, logic and planning are also wonderful learning tools.

7. Give yourself grace. We will all get through this together.

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